As I am wary suspicious of data piracy/theft and data misuse you will not find anything to twitter or follow on this website.

I would rather refer to my homepage, which offers visual observations and drawings, as well as Astrobin, where I publish my first attempts in astrophotography. You find some pictures as well in the slide show of this site. All of them are photographed with self-made optics.

I always choose amateur astronomy as a hobby– which I practice passionately for more than 25 years – over business. I believe it is crucial that especially in astronomy business, you have to know exactly what counts in practice. Only then you can avoid obvious and annoying weaknesses and thereby become able to develop an optimal product. The cited websites may give a rudimental impression of how deep I am into this incredibly multifarious subject. This serves as guarantee for a high quality product, which delivers exactly what it says on the tin.