Per aspera ad astra - A rough road leads to the stars. Many amateur astronomers follow this well-known saying. They got involved in astrophotography, visual observation, and telescopes as do-it-yourself projects. They learned, studied and reached disappointments. They know the ambition for perfect equipment.This motto can certainly apply to many amateur astronomers on their journey through amateur astronomy. Whether in astrophotography, visual observation, or during DIY of your ideal telescope - In any discipline, a long learning process is required and some setbacks are to be endured, if you are looking for the optimum. The higher the aspiration, the more work is required to reach the stars. Per aspera ad astra is therefore my guiding principle, since I first read this saying 20 years ago at the door to an astronomical observatory.

For more than a decade I learned how to build telescopes. This is why I draw on a wealth of experiences now. This process was necessary to meet the demands in the design and manufacture of high-quality astronomical optics and mechanics. I always claimed the best performance for my self-made mirrors; consequently I put that claim on any optics and mechanics, which I offer on Any mirror, which does not satisfy me, will not be delivered.

Customer confidence comes from constantly first-rate performance. The guarantee I can offer the amateur observer comes from my own high claim and many years of experience and passion in any field of our common hobby, astronomy. My measurements are proven and can be clearly assigned to the chosen or purchased optics. You can rely on the high quality of my mirrors.

Presently I focus entirely on high-quality optics. But for the future, I develop new products which will enrich the sector of elaborated hand-made mechanics and optical systems with innovative new features. Some of them already started as prototypes. As I want to offer just absolutely perfect manufactured products, it will take some time until these will find their way to this webpage. is meant as a think tank for products off-mainstream. Visitors of this website may look forward to exciting products which will enrich amateur astronomy community.